• The sector that earns the most currency to the country:
    almost 50% of its total exports
  • Agroindustrial exports from Argentina feed more than
    300 million people
  • The oleaginous-cereal complex employs more than 250
    thousand people directly and indirectly
  • The largest and most efficient agroindustrial pole
    locates Argentina as the world leader in exports of
    protein meals and soybean oil
  • The export agroindustry, within a value chain, favors
    agricultural growth and the development of the gross
    product, adding the plus of industrialization
  • "Civilized countries do not export raw materials
    without transforming locally, otherwise it would be
    creating employment in the buyer's country and
    unemployment in the provider country. Let's not export
    leather, let's export shoes. " Manuel
    Belgrano (1770-1820)

El complejo Oleaginoso Argentino

The Oilseed Complex covers everything from the production of grains to their industrialization (crude and refined oils, processed byproducts of the oilseed industry –pellets- and biodiesel).

Within the country’s oilseed production in 2011, that of soybean is by far the most important (it stands for 84% of the overall oil production), ... Continue reading

Economic Sanction Clause

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